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July 30, 2009

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2009

San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore
The Mayhem Begun!

Review & Photos by Jennifer & Charlie Digges

SlayerAll Access Magazine was on the scene and ready to witness all the mayhem this year’s festival promised to deliver! Arriving a little too early to check in, we made good use of our time hanging in the parking lot befriending some metal fans that were parked next to us.

The heat was becoming almost unbearable, hot! But nothing would keep us nor over 15,000 expected fans from attending “Metal Mayhem Fest 2009”.

Derek, our neighbor parked next to us, was a Bullet for my Valentine fan and an avid Slayer fan. He said he has seen Slayer a few times before and they have always put on a good show. He said, we were definitely in for a treat. There is no other show possible that can top Slayer. So we were getting pretty excited about that.

Once in the concert, we were directed to the “Press tent” where we were to talk to Amanda about our scheduled times of interviews. I tell ya, there should have been at least three people doing her job. She was very overwhelmed with everything going on and all the media coming to only her for press info. She handled it well.

We had our first interview with Cannibal Corpse at 2:00pm. We didn’t know which member of the band we were going to interview. But knew it had to be short and sweet! Two members of Cannibal Corpse showed up at the press tent. The lead singer, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and bassist, Alex Webster. Now, we’ve never seen these guys before, and you can’t ever see there face in their music videos, but for some reason we just knew who they were. I guess you can say they kind of “looked the part”.

As we waited patiently for our turn to interview a member of one of the greatest death metal bands, we looked over the questions we were going to ask. And was thinking about how the interview would go and if we were going to be a total doofus and screw it up. I mean, come on. Going one on one with Cannibal Corpse would have to be the dream of any true metal head.

Cannibal Corpse is what started my love of death metal. We saw someone wearing one of their band shirts when we were in our teens, probably about 15. It was a pretty gory shirt and we have always been a big fan of horror or anything disgusting. So we started to wonder who this Cannibal CorpseCannibal Corpse band was. About a year later after seeing that shirt, had a chance to hear their music. We couldn’t understand more than a few words of what they were saying, it was dark, deep and hard and we loved it. It’s been history since then.

Amanda walked up to us with Alex and off we went off into the last shaded corner of the press area to make our interview. The heat was horrible! The interview went very well. (Featured In this issue)

When you hear the words “Cannibal Corpse”, the normal brain will think horrible and gruesome. They’re bad people that sing about horrible things so they must be horrible people. Well my friends, that is quite the opposite. We also watched someone interview the lead singer of Cannibal Corpse, George, and he was very polite as well. The band members aren’t these big, scary looking men. Ok, so George is somewhat of a big guy, but it didn’t seem that his reputation of Cannibal Corpse got to him. Meaning he wasn’t a jerk. And neither was Alex. The thing that people need to realize is, that just because a band sings about blood, guts and horrifying things, doesn’t make them bad and ugly people. They are simple everyday people like us with open minds.

After the interview with Alex from Cannibal Corpse, we proceeded to the two side stages. As we were walking all of the way to the other side of the venue, we could hear WhiteChapel playing and thought to ourselves, “We are so gonna miss seeing them play”! Just as we got over there they ended their show. We were pretty unhappy about that.

We got to see them play last year at the Hot Topic “Summer Slaughter Tour” in Spokane, Washington. They tore the place up there. They were all over the stage, growling and screaming and a ton of energy. Also to mention their music is awesome as well. We really enjoyed them live and we enjoy them in our car as well.

MadlifeAfter WhiteChapel played on the Hot Topic Stage, Madlife went on at the Jager Stage. We weren’t too familiar with this band but I got right in front of the stage so I could enter in the photo pit. People started going wild as soon as they came on stage. The lead singer, Phil Bozman, was egging on the cheering and chanting crowd, getting them even more pumped up.

As one band is on one stage, the other band gets their stage set up with all of their equipment, so as soon as one band is done the other goes on. They worked that out quite nicely.

Job For A Cowboy came on after Madlife. We’ve heard Job For A Cowboy musicbefore and was really looking forward to seeing them and hearing them live. Everything that we expectedfrom them, they brought to the table. Aggressive, loud, energetic and heavy sounds are what they gave and the crowd was eating it up. I actually stopped for a moment in the photo pit to stand there and just watch them with my own eyes instead of through a camera lens to really watch them. I was impressed. I learned that the former guitarist from Job For A CowboyDespised Icon is the current guitarist for Job For A Cowboy. I saw Despised Icon last August and then Al Glassman shows up in this band. I remember him from last year because of the tattoo on his left shin. The one thing I will never forget though is the bassist, Brent Riggs, with a permanent smile or grin on his face the entire set. Classic!

God Forbid was next on the Jager Stage. And once again we weren’t sure what to expect because this is another band that we hadn’t heard much of. As we sat on the side line trying to cool down a little bit from the heat, we rocked our heads to the beat of the music, watching the singer, Byron, wail lyrics into the microphone. You could see the sweat pouring off of him because of the heat and he didn’t seem to mind one bit. He would wipe his head and keep on going. Nothing, including extreme heat, was slowing these bands down.

We rushed over to the Hot Topic Stage before God Forbid ended their set so I could get up close to the stage for Behemoth. I’ve heard of Behemoth, but have never looked into them as a band. There were definite, hardcore Behemoth fans in the crowd with thewhite painted faces and black makeup. There was even a little girl not much older than 7 or 8 with the makeup on and yelling the band member’s names. I thought it was kinda cute. When BehemothBehemoth came out on stage, the crowd grew more and more restless and cheered and screamed even louder as each member came to their designated spot on stage. This band played heavy and angry with fists in the air and lots of head banging.

All That Remains came on the other stage after Behemoth with a roar. Doesn’t matter who you are, you have to kick it up a notch on stage if you’re performing after Behemoth. And that’s what All That Remains did. The lead singer, Phil Labonte, came out to the crowd and was getting them involved and pumped. Then he started wailing into the mic. Band members are jumping on stage, kids banging their heads. I was even bangin’ my head in between pictures. Now, something you don’t see very often is a female in a metal band. Especially when she’s theonly female. Jeanne Sagan is the bass player for All That Remains and is one damn good bassist. She along with the rest of the band members were all over the stage jumping to All That Remainstheir music. I don’t think they had one set spot to be in because they were little busy bodies on that stage. The lead singer,in themiddle of a song, proceeded to climb thegiant speakers in the front of the stage that were a good 10-15ft high off the ground and continue the song from upon the top of the speaker. Now that’s how you get a loud reaction from a crowd. All of the photographers in the pit were snapping those cameras even more when he got up there, like they were waiting to catch him falling off the speaker. I’m pretty sure Phil knew what he was doing, tell you what though. I don’t think his people standing on the side of the stage or the security in the front knew he was going to do that, because the look on their faces was priceless when he got up there. This band really went all out with their performance and that’s what I want when I go see a band.

(All Access magazine wishes Jason Costa-drummer a speedy recovery)

The Black Dahlia Murder went up after All That Remains, just barely. We thought The Black Dahlia Murder was going to go on while All That Remains was still on stage because the fans were going wild! I personally think The Black Dahlia Murder should have been on the main stage along with Cannibal Corpse, but I don’t run the show. The kids in the crowd were going crazy with the stage hands warming up the bands equipment and doing the sound check. They were going insane before the band even got out. We hadn’t heard much of Black Dahlia’s music until last year when we saw them live. You want some good metal from Behemotha new band? The Black Dahlia Murder is definitely a pick for us. They don’t have your typical metal “look” to them so to say, but they really now how to rock out and put on a show. As soon as they came out on stage, Trevor Strnad started wailing, and the crowd went nuts. There were bodies flying everywhere in the crowd and I was dodging them down in the pit. The Black Dahlia Murder was all over the stage playing the crowd with their enthusiasm, energy and music. They had a new lead guitarist, Ryan “Daddy” Knight, that recently replaced John K. And another fun fact is that the current drummer, Shannon Lucas, was the drummer for All That Remains and joined The Black Dahlia Murder in 2007. This band just lit up the stage and completely rocked out with every ounce of energy that they had. The crowd was getting so out of control as each song played, the security was rushing all the photographers out of the pit and into the back. Just as I got out of there, I turned around and looked behind me to see more bodies flying into the pit where we just were. Black Dahlia Murder seems to of had the crowd hypnotized to their music, so to speak.

After we were all shoved back behind the stage, I kind of gathered myself from what had just happened and went to take a seat in some shade under a tent. As we were walking, I noticed the bass player, Alex Webster form Cannibal Corpse, standing in the last bit of shade left with his bass in his hands silently playing to himself. He looked up and said hello. He said, “Just warming up. But I don’t think I need it in this heat. “We laughed and chatted for a bit talking about how wild the fans were out there and that there were a lot of people out there. Alex said he has played before 70,000 fans and this wasn’t much considering. I couldn’t believe it, 70,000 people. That’s way more than I could ever imagine. We said our goodbye’s and “have a great show” and went to sit down in the shade. We sat there and just watched everything that went on “behind the scenes”. Trivium was off in a corner talking amongst themselves waiting for their turn on stage. I wonder if they were thinking about if they could match what The Black Dahlia Murder was doing because they were just completely sick with their performance. Members of previous bands were walking around or being carted to the other end of the venue for press interviews. All different types of people and they were all drinking Rockstar Energy Drinks a huge sponsor if today’s event.

TriviumAs we stood up to go over to the stage for the next show, we turned around to look behind us. There was Kerry King from Slayer riding in one of those little carts over to the main stage area. Press or not, we just stood there in ahh for about a minute or so then composed ourselves and carried on to the stage where Trivium would be playing.

Seemed like Trivium took forever to come onto the stage. Fans behind us were getting really anxious and a bit unruly. But that’s what you can expect at a metal concert. Matt Heafy came out on stage talking to the crowd and started to play. They have a fast and hard sound that will get your juices flowing, your head rockin and your fists flying. Their bassist, Paolo Gregoletto, was wailing on a sick bass on stage and then all of a sudden he disappeared into the crowd. His security guys weren’t fast enough to catch up to him because they couldn’t find him, so they turned around and came back to the side of the stage.

It’s kinda comical if you really think about it. I believe they were having some technical problems because throughout the set Matt and Paolo were yelling at the sound guy to turn up their instruments. I did notice that the bass was being drowned by the drums and guitar. Paolo was loving on the crowd, going out and standing on the lower speakers getting close to the crowd. I was impressed.

Thank goodness I had a little bit of a break in between each set. Going from one side of the photo pit to the other was a workout in itself. Slithering my way in between media and security and dodging flying bodies coming in was a chore! But so worth all of it.

I got up to the Hot Topic Stage as soon as I could after I was done photographing Trivium. I really wanted to get a good spot at the stage so I could shoot the best pictures I possibly could, seeing that I had done an interview with the bassist, Alex Webster, earlier in the day. I took my spot at the right side of the stage and waited. Seemed like forever. The anticipation of seeing a band that I have been a fan of for almost half my life was almost unbearable and then on top of it, having the opportunity to have spoke one on one with one of it’s members and then having the privilege to photograph them. To me, this is about as big as Slayer.

Cannibal CorpseCannibal Corpse made its way onto stage, shouted a few words to the crowd and started rocking. All that was seen was long hair and instruments. Every member of the band was in synch in the art of head banging. The lead singer, George Fisher, growled the lyrics into the microphone with such intensity it was making my camera vibrate. The crowd for Cannibal Corpse was bigger than any other crowd for the other bands. The energy of the band and the crowd was insanely powerful. The fans were lost in the melody of Cannibal Corpse and seemed like they were about to lose control. The security had their work cut out for them that day because it took a lot of man power to keep a little bit of order during Cannibal Corpse. Fans were shoving their way more and more to the front, trying to make their way past the barricades. So once again, those of us that were down in the photo pit were shoved around the back of the stage because of the intensity of the fans. It’s actually good to see fans in the crowd, younger than I, get to experience and know the music I grew up with. They were banging their heads with the band and had their fists in the air because they were fans of the band and their music. Seeing young fans enjoy Cannibal Corpse was a somewhat relief for me because I wasn’t that familiar with some of the bands on the tour. Mostly because they’re newer bands to the metal genre and I am a big fan of the metal bands that have been around longer than most of the people in the crowds. So, seeing the “youngins” enjoy my kind of metal brought some goose bumps to my arms.

Cannibal Corpse was awesome. I have never seen them live before, so they completely exceeded my expectations. I loved every minute of their time Cannibal Corpseon stage. They rocked the stage and the fans harder than any of the other bands previous. The other bands were awesome with their professionalism and interactions with the crowd, but Cannibal Corpse does it in such a way that you just have to be there to be able to believe it. By far, the best band of the day at this point. Ok, so maybe I’m playing favorites. But hey, that’s my prerogative.

Charlie and I sat behind stage and enjoyed the rest of Cannibal Corpse before we headed over to the press tent again. All of the bands were ahead of schedule and our next interviews weren’t until 7:00pm. So it was nice to enjoy the rest of the set and then take our time back over to the other side of venue.

As we were walking I was thinking to myself of everything I had just seen, heard and felt. Getting the close up photos of band member’s expressions on their face as they play to their fans. Seeing the excitement of fans and feeling the energy of everything and everyone around me, along with pounding of the speakers against me. It kind of takes its toll on your body and especially your ears, but so worth it. Just remember to wear your earplugs!

We sat down and relaxed as we got back to the press tent. We didn’t have any interviews or photos to do for a while so we took advantage of the time we had to relax. Charlie went and got us some food and someone from Live Nation retrieved more water for those of us at the press tent. We were set. Just as I get most of my hamburger down I realized that it was time for Bullet For My Valentine to come on stage. I set my food down, put my camera around my neck and trotted my way to the front of the stage. Was a lot cooler down there! All of the fans hadn’t made their way back from the two side stages yet by the time Bullet For My Valentine came on. I have never seen this band live before or even actually heard much of their music. So they were pretty new to me.

Bullet For My ValentineBullet For My Valentine had an early 90’s rock look to them with the high top Converse, ripped jeans and sleeveless shirts. They have a metal sound mixed with modern rock. Not exactly my cup of tea, but the crowd seemed to like them. They put on a good show and rocked their lungs out.

We made our way back to the press tent to finish eating before the next interview. Just as we were done eating the whole band of The Black Dahlia Murder walked in. The coordinator, Amanda, had just left to do something else before they walked in, so they stood there in the middle of this tent waiting for something to happen or for someone to tell them what to do. So I pulled up an empty chair next to the bass player, Bart, and started to chat with him.

“You look like your ready to go home or at least go relax.”

“Na, I’m not ready to go home. I am ready to get out of this heat though.”

We pretty much just made small talk. He said the tour was going well and San Bernardino was the hottest one so far but things were going well. Asked if he had any family and how they reacted to the touring. He has a wife, no kids and his wife joined the tour with them the first week but went back home. The band has plans after the Mayhem Tour to tour with Children of Bodom. The Black Dahlia Murder also has a new album to be released September 15, 2009.

The Black Dahlia MurderI asked him if he was excited to be on tour with Slayer and if they have gone and watched them perform yet. He said he hasn’t gotten a chance to go sit down and watch them on stage and perform but he did watch them practice and had planned on watching them perform that night. He also said that the tour had been great so far and had no complaints but missed being home. They tour 9-10 months out of the year. Bart was very friendly and I’d like to thank him for talking with All Access Magazine.

After my little chat with Bart I had to go up to Trevor, the lead singer, and ask about his tattoo he has on his stomach. It’s a tattoo that simply says “HEARTBURN”. I asked if he actually had heartburn and he said, “Oh yea! Had for a long time.” I sympathized with him and told him to keep up the good work. The Black Dahlia Murder is awesome!

Just then I looked up and realized it was time to go photograph Killswitch Engage. I was a little late of course because I was talking to Bart but I made it over there with little time to spare. I didn’t realize that they were on their second song by the time I was done talking and one side of the photo pit was already full so I had to walk all the way around to the other side in order to get my photos. I only got to shoot about a song and a half left of Killswitch Engage. So I snapped away as much as I could.

The Black Dahlia MurderRoadrunner Records recording artist, Killswitch Engage was pretty good on stage. They had just come out with a new self titled album June 29th and played some songs from the new album. The band members were dressed in sleeveless tuxedo t-shirts and were kind of a comedy act. One of the guitarists actually had a vinyl cape on. Like the ones you would get for a vampire costume during Halloween. They had pyrotechnics going in the background which made the stage much hotter, but looked fantastic.

A HUGE CONGRATS TO Killswitch Engage for DEBUTING THIS WEEK AT #7 on Billboard Top 200 and #1 on the HARD MUSIC CHARTS

We made our way back through the crowd again to get back to the press tent. By this time more and more people had come over to the main stage to watch the bigger bands. Which meant more and more fans to deal with.

Just as we sat down I noticed that a couple band members from WhiteChapel walked in. I pulled a chair up them and introduced myself to the lead singer, Phil Bozeman, and guitarist Zach Householder. They’re actually really quiet and soft spoken guys. Their soft spoken façade really got me because the kind of sound that they have on stage is astounding. I saw them perform last year and they did an awesome show. I asked if they were ready to call it a day. Phil said no, he was ready for a shower more than anything. I agreed because I was so in need of one myself.

WhiteChapel had released two albums so far and the last one was last year. I asked if there was going to be another album in the future. They mentioned that they were working on a new album and it should be out by spring or early summer of 2010. Phil’s cousin is actually the one that got him into Slayer. WhiteChapel plans Slayeron touring as much as possible to get their name and music out there to those that aren’t familiar with them yet. My opinion, for those of you reading this I would suggest you go and get their album “This Is Exile”. I have it, love it and continually have it playing in my car. WhiteChapel have been together for only three and a half years and I see them going a long way in their metal career.

We gathered our things and headed over to the stage to wait for the ‘OK’ to go down in the pit for Slayer. The anticipation was horrible. What was even worse, is when I was finally allowed down there we had to wait even longer for the band to come on stage. Here I am feeling ten inches tall with the stage level with my height and a giant white sheet covering the stage. Talk about being anxious! Holy crap. It felt like I waited forever for that sheet to drop. The fans were more antsy than I, and every time we heard a sound check from behind this giant sheet, the fans yelled and screamed more and more. Music started to play, Slayer symbols being projected onto the stage cover. As the curtain fell from the stage ‘Disciple’ played and fans went crazy. At the back of the stage was the legendary symbol of the eagle and pentagram being lit by fire. There was fog with red lights that would frighten any god fearing person. If you were there, you would probably think you were in hell. Tom Araya belted songs into the microphone like it was his last performance. Everything was perfect and this was something I have been waiting for, for a very long time. It was nothing like I expected because it exceeded my expectations. How could I of thought anything less of them? They were amazing. They continued with songs such as ‘Chemical Warfare’ and ‘Mandatory Suicide’. The more they played the bigger the fire pits got up in the grass area. Charlie, being a virgin to the metal concert scene, was surprised with Slayerthe chaos Slayer had caused. I reassured him that this was completely normal. All you could see everywhere you looked were fans going to the beat of the intense music beating through the P.A. and more mosh pits going with fire pits getting bigger and bigger. Slayer seemed to be the band everyone came there to see.

Slayer came onto the stage and all of it was worth the wait. I have seen quite a few bands play on stage that have a lot of power to their playing techniques and put on a good show, but nothing so far has compared to the performance Slayer gave. They didn’t run around the stage or dive into the crowd or anything. They simply had their instruments and played and loved every second of it as much as us the fans did. Our parking lot friends were right, I was in for a treat and I grasped onto every second of it. Slayer is set to release a new album “World Painted Blood” any time. Their release “Psychopathy Red” was a seven inch vinyl disc on April 18th . I have personally seen and held this interesting red vinyl disc with a cover written completely in Russian. It’s definitely unique.

As Slayer exited the stage I approached the front of the stage one last time. Marilyn Manson would be up next and I would be ready.

If you haven’t ever seen Slayer live before, you definitely should. I haven’t seen a band that could top their performance and music.

Marilyn MansonDon’t get me wrong, I am a huge Marilyn Manson fan. And I have been waiting about fifteen years now, pretty excited to see him perform. As I stood there in the photo pit waiting yet again, I looking up at another sheet shielding the stage. Only this time it was a gray/silver kinda color. Then the music started to play and suddenly the sheet dropped and out came Marilyn Manson. There was a giant American Flag in the background with the infamous lightning bolt on it and band members that I was not familiar with. They played fantastic. They played songs such as ‘Disposable Teens’, ‘Tourniquet’ and ‘Dope Show’. Interscope Records recording artist Marilyn Manson released “The High End Of Low” on May 26th. Unfortunately, I haven’t purchased the album yet. I have always been a fan of Marilyn Manson. When they came out with Mechanical Animals, it was a bit different and not really my taste. Holy Wood was next and still different but still good but after that I started to lose interest. It sounded like he was going the depressed teenager route of music. I will always be a Marilyn Manson fan, doesn’t mean I will like everything he comes out with. I will forever have ‘Portrait of an American Family’ and ‘Antichrist Superstar’ playing in my car. Probably until I am 80 years old too.

All in all, the entire concert was fantastic. It’s always fun to sit back watch all the different types of people that come to these types of concerts, young and old(er). Everyone had a good time I think rocking out to their favorite and not so favorite bands. You could tell the bands themselves were exhausted but having fun at the same time. I’m excited to see who all they have lined up for next year.

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Tour Dates…

7-31 Cleveland Ohio ( Blossom Music Center)
8-1 Pittsburgh PA (Post Gazette Pavilion)
8-2 Detroit Mi (DTE Energy Music Theatre)
8-4 Boston MA (Comcast Center)
8-6 Virginia Beach VA (Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach)
8-7 Camden NJ (Susquehanna Bank Center)
8-8 Hartford CT (Comcast Theatre)
8-9 Washington DC (Nissan Pavilion)
8-11 Tampa FL (Ford Amphitheatre)
8-12 West Palm Beach FL (Cruzzan Amphitheater)
8-14 San Antonio TX (AT&T Center)
8-15 Dallas TX ( Center)


Other sponsors included:

Hot Topic~ Jagermeister~ Hard Rock ~ Rock Band ~ Tama ~

Metal Blade Records ~ Roadrunner Records and Century Media Records


The Bands:


Phil Bozeman - vocals
Ben Savage - lead guitar
Zach Householder - guitar
Alex Wade - guitar
Gabe Crisp - bass guitar
Kevin Lane - drums


Jonny Davy - lead vocals
Bobby Thompson - guitars
Al Glassman - guitars
Brent Riggs - bass guitar, backing vocals
Jon Rice - drums, percussion


Adam Darski - vocals, guitars, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, programming
Tomasz Wróblewski - bass guitar, backing vocals
Zbigniew Robert Promiński - drums
Patryk Sztyber - guitars, backing vocals


Trevor Strnad − vocals
Brian Eschbach − guitar, vocals
Ryan Knight - guitar
Ryan "Bart" Williams− bass
Shannon Lucas − drums


George Fisher - lead vocals
Rob Barrett - guitar
Pat O'Brien - guitar
Alex Webster - bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz - drums, percussion


phill- vocals
isaiah- guitars
jim- bass
robbi- drums


Byron Davis - lead vocals
Kris Norris - rhythm guitar (Filling in for current tour)
Doc Coyle - lead guitar, backing vocals
John Outcalt - bass
Corey Pierce - drums


Philip Labonte - vocals
Mike Martin - rhythm guitar
Oli Herbert - lead guitar
Jeanne Sagan - bass
Jason Costa - drums


Matt Heafy - lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
Corey Beaulieu - lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Travis Smith - drums, percussion
Paolo Gregoletto - bass guitar, backing vocals


Matthew Tuck - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Michael Paget - lead guitar, backing vocals
Jason James - bass guitar, vocals
Michael Thomas - drums


Howard Jones - lead vocals
Adam Dutkiewicz - guitar, backing vocals
Joel Stroetzel - guitar
Mike D'Antonio - bass guitar
Justin Foley - drums, percussion


Tom Araya - vocals, bass guitar
Jeff Hanneman - guitar
Kerry King - guitar
Dave Lombardo - drums


Marilyn Manson - lead vocals
Twiggy Ramirez - guitars, bass
Chris Vrenna - keyboards
Ginger Fish - drums, percussion
Andy Gerold - bass (touring since 2009)

Review & Photos by Jennifer & Charlie Digges
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