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September 18, 2008

Love Alive

Heart Love Alive a tribute to Heart

By Philip Salvatti

Love Alive"LOVE ALIVE" established itself in 2003 when L.A based singer Patricia Morales wanted to pay tribute to one of her biggest musical inspirations and to one of the greatest American Rock N Roll Bands to hit a stage, Heart. The Los Angeles based tribute band enjoyed a successful 3 year stint on the hugely popular tribute act circuit.

As changes started to come about within the band and the continued identity crisis with in the music scene in general, Patricia felt more of a pressing conviction to go a step further. Stepping back, she took a long look at what she had built and where to take the band next.

As 2007 rolled around, it was extremely evident that the music industry was littered with Pop throwaway bands, high ticket prices for sequenced computerized concerts, American Idol rejects and bands who's only fame and playing experience came from Youtube or Myspace. The days of real rock bands being together a few years slugging it out on stages night after night to carve out an identity, unique sound, and a kick ass stage show… seemed now a distant memory or few and far between.

Morales with a renewed vision and mission wanted to produce a band that aimed to bring back the basics of how these giant acts of the 70's like Heart played and grew organically into one of the most exciting rock acts in history. "LOVE ALIVE" wanted to fully re-create Heart during their heyday from the "inside out". Morales knew this was going to take a lot of work and a special key group of people to catch the vision.

The revamped 2006 lineup has managed to capture this by becoming a real act within an act. "It's as if "Heart"- stepped on stage mind and soul" in 1977 mode" states Morales.

LOVE ALIVE's aim is to truly step away from being just a well oiled cookie cutter polished re-gurgitation act, with costumes, bad wigs or renditions of the hits. Morales and company dug deep to find out where the bands true individual musical roots laid that included American Blues, Soul, rock and the British mega bands of the late 60's. This also included bringing the bands experimentations, and all to the stage.

Achieving this included a crucial process of getting actual fans to join the band to bring formulate the mindset. With a mixture of experienced Blues/ Rock players and Rock history buffs, they preceded by going over stacks of soundboard concert performances during Heart's heyday from 1975-1985 including many bootleg film sources all the while, dissecting the bands history.

Discovering that Heart never seemed to do anything twice, especially on stage, is what made the music constantly evolve keeping it fresh and something that's missing so much from the polished perfected approach of today's music. Their whole approach was organic and felt.

This is the perfect formula to capture what Heart was aiming for themselves, as Ann, Nancy, Roger, Howard, Steve and Mike stepped on stage to play. Whether it be Heart songs, Zeppelin tunes or playing Earth Wind and Fire. LOVE ALIVE found that tapping that inner groove separates them from the rest while creating that 1975-85 signature sound as if Heart truly stepped into the new millennium and time warped through LOVE ALIVE.

Review by Philip Salvatti
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