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September 18, 2008

Girl Power Reviews:

Bands that are fronted by female singers

By The Atomic Chaser

Girl Power ReviewsPEARL : Pearl

Zen Media Group

Just imagine this, what would Led Zeppelin sound like if they were fronted by a female singer? They would probably sound like what you would hear on the amazing and powerful self-titled release by PEARL. This femme fatal has rock and roll royalty in her veins, being the daughter of the legendary rocker, Meat Loaf, she has her sights on writing her own chapter in the book of rock. Pearl's vocal vibe reminded me of,Beth Hart meets Chris Robinson, with a liberal dose of Janis Joplin. On her debut, Pearl does damn good job belting out rockers right from the start. The opening "Rock Child" is pure rock and roll adrenaline, while "Checkout Charlie" featuring Ted Nugent and Scott Ian from Anthrax, is a balls out rocker. Pearl also shows she can blow you away, even when she downshifts, on songs like , "Worth Defending" and "Anything" featuring Jerry Cantrell on lead guitar. Her thoughtful lyrics have a sensibility that touches the heart and soul. Big ups to her band, L.A.'s premier power rock trio Mother Superior, "General" Jim Wilson on guitars, bass player Marcus Blake and Matt Tecu on drums. The chemistry between Pearl and this trio are like white on rice and make one hell of a one two punch. I was very impressed, as so will you, once you experience her music. She is bluesy, soulful and hot. Pearl could easily share a bill with Stevie Nicks or the Black Crowes, and might wind up stealing the show. For all those who believed that gutsy, adrenaline pumping rock was dead, all one need to do, is listen to this woman sing. This recording is a sign of greater things to come. Pearl is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Girl Power ReviewsKHARMA BABY: Superfloor

FAP Records

If your musical appetite craves a serving of  premium blended bluesy rock, then Superfloor should not be missed. The band's debut release, 'Kharma Baby', is pure, great bluesy rock. It’s just a couple of mics, some instruments, and some amps. The instruments are superbly balanced in the mix, making the guitars come through clear but still being able to hear the bottom end of the drums and bass. The lines are based in the blues, but with a whole lot of rock thrown in. Superfloor is, Floor Kraaijvanger on lead vocals and percussion, Frank van der Wiel on guitars, Rob van den Broek on bass, backing vocals and Thomas Calis on drums, backing vocals. Superfloor gives an edge to blues based rock with the emotion not heard on the music scene in years. Floor Kraaijvanger's voice is out of this world and the band is razor sharp! From the depth of "No Good For Me" to the drive behind "Get Out Of Here", this one is hard to beat. Then there is, "You're So Cold", a slow burner that features Rob Lamothe of The Riverdogs. Add to that, the pure passion and emotion in "Miss You", which also features Lamothe, you can't go wrong choosing this album. You FEEL every word and every riff of every song. Plug in, 'KHARMA BABY' and turn it all the way up. This cd is a MUST HAVE and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You better buy two copies, because you will wear the first one out real fast.


Girl Power ReviewsSICK IN MY WAYS: Karma Noir

Independent Release

Karma Noir is an Israeli rock band, formed at the end of 2006 in Tel Aviv. The band's music style could be described as a combination of gothic rock and rap core, with electronic, Opera and oriental influences. The band's debut release, 'Sick In My Ways', is a powerhouse of a release for two reasons. One, is the powerful and amazing vocals of singer Kathy Ben-Haroush and the razor sharp musicianship, powered by Dror Shem-Tov the band's MC, Raz Klinghoffer on guitars and bass and Nizan Klinghoffer on guitars. This band has a lot of depth and a lot of talent. It is indeed rare to find a debut album of such complexity and richness. 'Sick In My Ways' plays as a complete album, there are no throw away tracks here. Highlights include, "You", "See My Sorrow" and the title track. The combination of the male and female vocals on the album is really cool, Kathy Ben-Haroush has an awesome voice and comes through very nicely. I would compare this album to the type of music from P.O.D. or a little bit from Type O Negative but toned down from Type O, definitely not gothic. The guitar work is really amazing, these guys rock!! Overall, 'Sick In My Ways' is a good hard rocker of an album. If you’re in the mood for something different, that being dual vocalists, being used to deliver the emotional content rather than the more traditional heavy metal band delivery. I look forward to their future work as well. This is a very good album and I will be looking forward to the next one.


Girl Power ReviewsSPARK IT UP: Infernophonic

Godlyke, Inc

Infernophonic serve up a brilliant mix of attitude and talent. It is a great blend of hard rock n' roll, funk, & R&B. Bands today just don't make music like this. It is pure classic rock, but with a funk style that makes the band stand out well. The band is fueled and powered by Elaine Tuttle on vocals, Pat piegari on guitars, Kevin Bolembach on bass and bringing the thunder, is, Ross Kantor on drums. The energy this band possesses is truly incredible. Take one listen to the band's debut release, 'Spark It Up' and you'll hear and feel where I'm coming from. From the moment you press play, the electrifying opener 'Anyone Else' just absolutely grabs you by the throat and never lets go and the rest isn't far behind in terms of quality. "Say Whatcha Mean", "Middle Of The Road" and the sizzling, "KarmaKaze", are guaranteed to get your rocks off. The icing on the cake, of course, are Elaine Tuttle's sensational Tina Turner-on-steroids vocals. This lady's vocals give me goosebumps just listening to her belt it out and combine power and soul like very few others. Infernophonic have more steaming groove laden rock tracks on one album here, than most rock bands have in their entire careers! The only way to listen to their explosive debut release, 'SPARK IT UP' is with the volume turned way up! This is one incredibly talented bunch of musicians. Get it and impress your friends that you have it and they don't!


Girl Power ReviewsSECRET VOYAGE: Blackmore's Night

Steamhammer / SPV

'Secret Voyage' is the latest release from Ritchie Blackmore and his partner Candice Night, the talented duo, who lead the world renowned band of merry "Renaissance Rock" musicians otherwise known as Blackmore's Night. No surprises, only pure delight. Once again the band has put together a blend of original music based on renaissance themes most notable on this album are the songs "Locked Within The Crystal Ball," "Rainbow Eyes," and "Can't Help Falling in Love." The brilliant guitar styling of Ritchie Blackmore, the enchanting vocals of Candice Night and the saturation of authentic Renaissance instruments woven throughout the melodies, create a unique style of music. The music calls to mind a voyage through space and time,  that the mystical ship on the cover alludes to. There is some great musical escapism at work here. The album comes with the bonus video "Village Lantern." The video may be a bit cheesy with Candice popping out of the lake to zap the bad guys with the village lantern, but the song is one of their best. Blackmore's Night is not capable of making a bad album, Blackmore's Night is here to stay, and most of their music is an art form, as it far surpasses anything out there that anyone else is doing these days. 'Secret Voyage' is a must have for any Blackmore's Night fan and is a great place to start for anyone looking to discover this band.

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