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March 15, 2007

In This Moment at The Key Club

By Mike Cavanaugh

In This MomentThe Players:
Maria Brink-vocals
Chris Howorth-guitar
Blake Bunzel-guitar
Jesse Lundry-bass
Jeff Fabb-drums

A balmy Sunday night gives way to an excited and packed crowd at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip. Tonight on stage performing in an opening slot for Kitty and Walls of Jerico is the Los Angeles heavy metal quintet In This Moment, who’s hitting the road in support of their soon to be released CD “Beautiful Tragedy”.

Clad in a white dress with moccasin boots tattooed blond bombshell Maria Brink takes the microphone and stage by storm setting the pace with wicked abandon head banging followed by a powerfully harmonious and sensual female voice all the while allowing her alter ego to belt out growling yells from deep within. Reaching out for fans as she paced back and forth along the front of the stage her energy pouring out to the crowd. Maria’s energy had a profound effect as the mosh pits cyclonic furry erupted, populated not only by a strong male presence but also some accompanying hard core metal chicks looking to getting in a few shots - 300lb gorilla meet the not so dainty flower.

Providing the constant head banging tempo with driving drums is Jeff Fabb whose bass drum kick shook your insides. Accompanying the rhythm tempo of the drums is bass player Jesse Lundry whose energetic movements back and forth along the stage reminded me of a caged wild animal ready to break loose and pounce. At one point his energy level was so high I expected him to leap off stage into crowd and join in the pit action. Providing the gasoline to keep the fire burning are guitar players Chris Howorth, distinguished by his long dread locks, and Blake Bunzel.

This 5 member heavy metal band solidifies my long standing belief that all bands fronted by women know how to bring it. There is no holding back when In This Moment hits the stage. From the second the lights go black followed by the first drum kick and screaming guitar chord this band sets out to leave a lasting impression with their music. Maria’s vocals are not the typical metal style being presented today in that Maria not only growls but also sings. The boys behind her deliver a driving sound that encompasses your body and doesn’t let go. Though the band was only given a short 5 song set they did exactly what’s needed in that situation. They played their ass’s off.

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Story by Mike Cavanaugh
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